Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Breguet watches – Know the brand

Watches continue to play very vital roles in the world today.  Due to technological advancement, the demand for quality and fashionable watches is on the rise. The stylish Swiss Breguet timepiece has shaken the industry unexpectedly in several ways.

Breguet Reine De Naples
Breguet Watch Company is an establishment of the year 1775 by none other than Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris, France. The company’s primary objective is manufacturing quality and durable watches made with a desirable outlook that would be an attraction in the market.

The company has made significant progress in the specialization through the use of requisite skills and fine art in the manufacturing process. The high-level innovation in Breguet brand of watches is the reason behind the recognition of the outlet as a real innovator.

The manufacturer’s breakthrough is traceable to 1815. Since then the continuous development and supply of quality watches to the market is part of their incredible profile.

A Breguet watch has a striking difference from other brands lies in their manually engine-turned "guilloche.” The “guilloche” has got the distinct signature of Breguet hollow eccentric moon hands which puts together stylish elegance with a high-performance specification.

Breguet Tradition Watches
They are also identifiable with their coin-shaped edges on their round casing which provides it with an attractive look that reflects the elegant, stylish designs incorporated in the final product.

Currently, the brand is working on the collection of the Breguet classic style watches.  Notable creations include “the La Tradition, the great Le Revile du TsarAlarm watch, and the elegant Breguet Retrograde Seconds as well as the Perpetual Calendar Watch.

Breguet watches appear sporty there by incorporating fashion and style to customers. Furthermore, there are specific versions available for the young ladies to enhance their looks. For example, the Reine de Naples is a design for women. It has lovely bracelets, automatic movement, power reserve, and moon phase modifications.
Other models include type XX and type XXI that have a casual style and come in a variety of colors with unique case designs that are suitable to wear on a daily basis. In reality, the Breguet timepiece is a good alternative you can consider for a change.

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