Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Overview of Cartier Watches

The field of luxury watchmaking boasts reliable and equally capable watchmakers. Top of the list includes the Cartier brand a top French manufacturer credited for pioneering classic timepieces of its generation.

In essence, Cartier watches needs no introduction among watch aficionados. From the 19th century, the brand has under its belt a well-built legacy that continues to be affirmed by exceptional products it avails in the market. Even a first-time shopper cannot miss recognising the attractive edge Cartier watches display at any jewel store.

The brand's stylish design gives an instant sensation of happiness right from when you purchase its products. With unique elements such as the signature Cartier's blue cabochon, a fantastic guilloche, silver or cream dials you will be impressed from every angle.

Also, at a close look, the devices reveal the trademark Cartier on Roman VII or X with an exception on the diamond versions. The producer provides a complete set of options to choose from whether you need something simple or high-end for both men and women.

Top Categories of Cartier Watches
  • Tank series
Tank Anglaise
The collection derives their design from the First World War. The manufacturer adopted the horizontal view of the military tanks used at the time. The idea was to craft a watch for a US army general, and today it continues to inspire the tank collection of Cartier watches. Devices in the category have a definitive rectangular casing which sits perfectly on any wrist. Top Versions here include TankFrancaise, TankAnglaise, and TankSolo.
  • Ballon Bleu De Cartier
The series is identifiable with Cartier's unique blue cabochon. The timepieces have the following definitive elements; round shape, crown guard, guilloche dial, and sword-shaped pointers among others. Ballon Bleu De Cartier also comprise of women's watches with a glass magnifier placed on the Roman numerals.
  • Cle De Cartier
Cle De Cartier is a new category defined by a blend between square-like and rounded face. Launched into the market two years ago the unique appearance brings a new dimension to Cartier watches.
  •  Ronde Solo De Cartier
Rondo Solo De Cartier offers beautiful watches with added depth on the dials. It runs on a 24- hour dial with Arabic numbers running on the inside and Roman numerals on the exterior.

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