Friday, 6 October 2017

Basic information you need to know on Breguet Watches

Breguet Watches
In reality, Breguet watches are some of the most beautiful timepieces adored by many watch aficionados and wearers alike in the UK. The manufacturer incorporates highly efficient techniques to come up with incredible pieces that are pleasing to the eye. As one of the earliest watch makers around the globe, the brand includes current and past designs in each product resulting to top notch creations that befit the Royals.

Breguet watches are traceable back to mid and late 18th century when the first prototypes of the brand got converted into reality. One man takes the plaudits for pioneering the trademark. The journey that began so many years ago now boasts of magnificent pieces that ring bells at every mention. 

Over time, appealing features continue to revolutionise the brand. From the Tourbillon to the balance wheel and the use of less dense non-magnetic material the developments continue to add on to the exemplary line of Breguet watches.

Some of the incredible series of the Breguet watches

1.    Reine de Naples

The series offers fantastic pieces specifically for the ladies. Reine de Naples collection draws from a model that got created back in 1810 for Napoleon's sister. For any woman looking for a feel of the Breguet watches this line of products is the way to go.
2.    The marine series

The marine collection comprises of watches that are trendy and sporty. They are hardcore and more resistant to environmental influences such as exposure to water. Ideally, the different models feature a distinct crown guard.

3.    Heritage series

The series is another collection of among the long list of the Breguet brand of watches. One key element of the models in this category is the Tonneau shaped case which distinguishes them from other versions.

4.    Type XX, XXI, XXII

They are some of the most famous series in this incredible brand. Typically, they are a show of excellent watchmaking and epitomises the specialty whenever you mention the Breguet watches

5.    Classique collection

Classique series offers versions that are more recent. They adopt the latest technology in time telling and watch making. Therefore, you are likely to find pieces that suit diverse interests in this category.

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