Friday, 8 December 2017

Basic facts you need to know about Cartier Watches

When the talk is all about timekeeping Cartier Watches needs no introduction. To this day it is public knowledge that they perpetuate a sense of luxury just by a mere glance at the collection. For decades now they have been a dominant force in the field of time tools. Deservingly, their products are eye catching such that one would be forgiven to imagine they are suitable for only the ruling class.

Manufactured by a well-known watchmaker, the French jewel has a traceable record of pioneering designs that fulfill the needs of the market. With the first models dating back to late 19th century, the innovator Louis Cartier underlies the beginning of a revolution that has led to incredible wrist devices across the generations.

Cartier watches boasts of timeless and elegant products with a mix of both beautiful structure and performance. The Roman numerals are a signature feature of the brand together with a blue cabochon sitting pretty on the crown. Furthermore, they possess a stunning silver or cream dial on the iconic guilloche dial.

 A keen observation on most models in this collection reveals the trademark Cartier on Roman VII or X except for the diamond versions. Cartier offers a full spectrum of timepieces for both genders. Let's sample some of the most popular categories:-
  •   Tank series

The design stems from the horizontal view of the military tank used in the First World War. The original piece got crafted for a US army general at the time. The collection has a rectangular case which is an embodiment of exceptional artistry. The versions in this category include Tank Francaise, Tank Anglaise, and Tank Solo.

  •    Ballon Bleu De Cartier

The collection gets it base from Cartier's symbolic blue cabochon. Notable characteristics include round shape, crown guard, guilloche dial, and sword shaped pointers among others. The women's version has a glass magnifier on the Roman numerals.

  •    Cle De Cartier

Cle De Cartier got introduced two years ago with a unique case that combines a circular edge and square-like face. The idea adds depth to the overall design.

  •    Ronde Solo De Cartier

The category has a unique twenty-four-hour dial with Arabic numerals on the inside circle of Roman numbers.

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