Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Breguet Watches - A Statement of Royalty for the Wrist

Watches have been used as everyday fashion accessories for a long time besides their primary role of timekeeping. Today, various labels continue to create some of the finest and equally sophisticated pieces of our time. While most innovations today pay homage to earlier prototypes and models crafted by the same manufacturers, it needless to say the advancement in techniques in the field of luxury horology very much speaks to the demand of luxury watches.

Talking of famous names behind some of the top collections, Breguet watches undeniably sails in a class of its own. The company that traces its origin back to 1775 has without a doubt stood the test of time in the production of luxury timepieces. From humble beginnings, the brand has soared through the challenges while adapting to new tastes to give consumers the best watches that can be availed today. Although much has changed (including ownership of the trademark) the inherent quality visible in every product has stuck firmly just like when the first model hit the market.

They have kept rich heritage producing contemporary watches with a magical feel and classic appearance telling of how much creativity and skill gets into each of the products. In fact, the top flight technology employed to yield Breguet watches sets the label miles apart from most competitors.

Breguet Watches are known to produce exquisite pieces for both men and women. Blending both fashion and style Breguet avail sporty models for the modern gentleman and jewelled alternatives for the ladies among other tastes. Currently, the most popular collection from the brand includes the Classique, the Marine, the Heritage, the Type XX, XXI, La Tradition and Rein de Naples just to mention.

Breguet watches are identifiable with a manual engine turned guilloche with a distinctive Breguet signature hollow eccentric moon hands. This not only breathes a touch of elegance on the wrist of the wearer but also aids performance. Moreover, Breguet watches are known for their appealing coin-shaped edges on their smooth round casing which enhances attractive appearance the company strives to guarantee in all their creations.

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