Thursday, 27 April 2017

Omega Globemaster London - a quick review

Over a century, the Omega has continuously established a reputation as one of the world’s greatest watch brands. Omega has humbly served the world in international Olympic Games timing athletes, footballers, swimmers, golfers, and sailors.

Omega Watches
The Omega Globemaster collection reserves its pride from the certified manufacturers who takes it through a series of tests before availing to the consumers. Thus, the watch has built its legacy on its outstanding quality, design, and precision.
The watch remains the most advanced with its mechanical movement that updates it. You will develop pride when wearing the piece on a daytime due to its officially approved chronometer which makes it the best functioning time tool on the global market.
Besides, the watch is available in a range of metals including; silver, gold, and stainless steel, making it as one of the most talked-about timepieces in the London.

Unique Features
§  The vintage-looking model has plentiful luminous paint on the hands. The biggest surprise on the watch is the night glowing that makes it easy to see in absolute darkness.
§  Even though it has an odd dress choice, the watch is immaculate. The indoor lighting gives the Omega Globemaster a perfect eye-appealing look.
§  Another important feature of the Globemaster is its new movement.
§  The watch is water resistance thus fulfilling the most crucial factor considered by the watch-lovers. Before being released in the market, the watch is tested to achieve the stated specifications.
§  The bracelet has a diameter of between 39-40mm, making it a perfect a timepiece wear. Some have stainless steel bracelets whereas others have a leather strap.

-    The Omega Globemaster has a Master Chronometer. Thus, it gives you an accurate time and shields magnetic fields that surround us.

Obtaining the watch today makes you experience how it will radically change your view of mechanical watches. The watch guarantees you the worth of your money by its greater stability, power reservation, and against magnetism.

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