Thursday, 10 August 2017

All you need to know about Breguet Watches

One of the most common brands of time tools that create great enthusiasm among watch lovers in the UK is the Breguet watches. It represents both modern and traditional innovative technology because the manufacturer is one of the oldest watchmakers in the world. Every model has all the elements one would wish to see on their wrist watch. 
Breguet Watches

From the 18th century, Breguet has changed the ideas behind this specialty with eye catching creations that have impressed both legendary figures such as Napoleon and Winston Churchill and ordinary admirers alike. Abraham Louis Breguet takes credit for starting the brand around 1775 where he developed the first automatic pocket timepiece. From the humble beginnings, the creations have sailed through the tides of time to the well-known figure it stands for today.

Currently, they continue to craft exemplary and intricate watches with some of them drawing inspiration from traditional models that were part of the original collection such as the Tourbillon. One unique thing about the brand that revolutionised the art was the recognition of natural forces such as gravity and its effect on precise time readings.
Breguet Luxury Watches

The adoption of impressive features such as the balance wheel and the escarpment any deviations get accounted for hence sustaining accuracy at all times. Similarly, with each passing day, they keep coming with innovations that continue to shape the watch making industry. For example, the adoption of the use of silicon is fantastic because the material is less dense and non-magnetic which interests many consumers.

Notable series of Breguet watches
Ø  Reine de Naples- this category features great wrist watches for ladies. They stem from a version that got designed way back in 1810 for Napoleon's sister.

Ø  The marine series- this line offers fantastic pieces which are suitable for those who like the stylish and sporty feeling.  They are recognizable by the presence of crown guards that makes them water resistant.

Ø  Heritage series- the collection features Tonneau shaped casing as a key distinctive element.

Ø  Type XX, XXI, XXII- the line offers the trendy and sporty pieces and needs no introduction to ardent Breguet lovers.

Ø  Classique collection-Devices in this recent collection display nothing but perfection. They are the most popular type of Breguet watches.

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