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Basic information on Jaeger-LeCoultre watches available in London

Jaeger LeCoultre watches
Jaeger-LeCoultre watches available in London sit in the top echelons of luxury horology. Indeed, it is a reliable brand revered among watch aficionados because over the years the trademark boasts of producing exquisite timepieces that suit the market demands. For instance, one outstanding accomplishment was the invention of the smallest mechanical movement ever back in 1929.

Similarly, it is one of the few remaining manufacturers in the field of horology that continue to create their all merchandise in-house. The combination of knowledge and techniques of Edmund Jaeger and Antoine LeCoultre are responsible for the brand's original devices.
Jaeger LeCoultre engineering prowess has resulted to some of the most iconic watches in the history of art. Furthermore, they have developed many mechanical movements and parts that have been adopted extensively within the industry.

Well, the manufacturer prides itself on creating several series from the simple automatic watch to high-end masterpieces for both gents and ladies. Here are some of the notable categories of Jaeger LeCoultre watches:-

1.    Reverso
The series features timepieces with large reversible cases with a timeless Art Deco Style. It originates back to 1931 when some British Army officers requested the manufacturer that could fit into their Polo game set up. Later the design has inspired newer versions with features such as sapphire casing in the recent creations.

2.    Master
The collection expresses clear cut technology with smooth lines and precise shapes on the various pieces. Master extreme is well set to withstand harsh environments. There are many alternatives to choose from in this category, for example, the water resistant model characterised by the crown guard locking system.

3.    Rendez-vous
The Jaeger LeCoultreRendez-vous is specifically for the ladies who desire brilliant wrist watches. From modest to sophisticated devices, they are recognizable with a luminous day or night indicators and circular casing with automatic and quartz movement.

4.    Geophysics
The creations here belong to Jaeger LeCoultre collection dating back to 1958. The prototype has its origin in the honouring of the International Geophysical Year. If you love the natural environment, this legendary category is a perfect choice with its overall display.

Duo metre

The collection offers unique features in the technical details that give satisfaction to the user. The calibre 381 dual wing movement defines the Duo metre.

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