Monday, 14 January 2013

Breguet Watches Have a Remarkable History

If there is a watch company that is said to be ahead of time, then it has to be Breguet watches. With tireless innovation and hawk’s eyes for every single detail, and a rich tradition of supremacy in engineering, Breguet has taken the art of watch making to a complete different horizon.  If someone has to be called the father of revolution when it comes to timepieces, then A. L. Breguet’s name will appear first in the mind of every person wearing wristwatches. The founder of the company, Mr. Breguet has set a benchmark for judging the horology art.

Breguet watches won the heart of the elite segments of society during the early 1800’s. The brand became a necessity for the core group of the military, science and finance. At one time, the timepieces created in the factory were the first choice in the European courts. There are many celebrated clients of Breguet that want to wear these exceptional timepieces. The company also created the first wristwatch for the queen of Naples in 1810. The founder of the company was bestowed with the Legion of Honour at the hands of Louis XVIII.

Even after the passing away of the revolutionary watch-making artist, the energy and enthusiasm at Breguet are the same. Breguet watches are synonymous with creative strength and cleverness.

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