Friday, 18 January 2013

Use the Masterpieces from Omega Watches for a Royal Feeling

Omega watches are not just a brand, they are part of the lifestyle of millions who are concerned about style, status and functionality. The company has stuck with precision, clear readability, sturdiness, ease of use and the use of advanced technology since its inception. They have transported the business of watch making into an art form. Since 1848, there have been several ranges of watches influencing the horology industry. Latest to include in that list of legendary timepieces is the Co-Axial calibers 8500 and 8501.

The Co-Axial was introduced to the world just five years ago in 2007.  Both 8500 and 8501 have become the best series manufactured in the mechanical watch movement category. The timepieces have redefined the escapement concept that has helped in reducing the friction inside the heart of watches. This has resulted in prolonging the life of timepieces and enhancing the chronometric performance. The co-axials are installed with microscopic details and anchored with three ruby impulse rudders. Added to it is a dual co-axial wheel weighing one-seventh of a grain of rice.

Omega’s master watchmakers have really understood that designing and making timepieces is truly an art. Their vision, innovation and nature of practicality have helped in advancing the co-axial technology in to practice.

Omega watches offers many stylish models available on online stores. It’s buying for men and women change. Wear it all royal places have a good personality.

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