Thursday, 17 January 2013

Look into Some Historical Achievements by Cartier Watches

Louis Cartier founded the Cartier in 1847 in Paris, France. He designed the first wristwatch in 1904 for his Brazilian friend, Alberto Santos-Dumont, who was a pioneer aviator. The timepiece was called ‘Santos,’ a modern timepiece with a perfect balance of style and function.

Cartier’s acclaimed celebrated design was the ‘Mystery Clock,’ with a transparent dial and hidden mechanism. Louis produced several fashionable wristwatches for royals and celebrities that earned him the status of a pioneer in the art of modern watchmaking. Since then, the style he introduced to the horology industry has become timeless beauty.

In the year 1917, the history of modern watchmaking saw the entry of the Tank Watch that was designed with a refined line invoking the design of a military assault vehicle. For the first time, the world saw how a strap could become part of the case with perfect attachment. Both, the Santos and the Tank with their unique design and mechanism took shape with myriads of versions attracting customers. After that the era of shaped watches started.

The Tonneau, Tortue and the Baignoire with their beautiful curves won many hearts. To this day, CartierWatches with unique contours and styles have achieved aesthetic perfection in watchmaking.

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