Monday, 7 January 2013

The Different Types of Timeless Beauties from Breuget Watches

Starting its operation in 1775 in Paris under the able leadership of the founder, Abraham-Louis Breuget, the company has reached such heights from where coming down is impossible. Earning admiration in the world of luxury watches is indeed a notable achievement. With its unique innovations, it has touched so many areas of society. Be it any section such as the military, diplomatic, scientific and the financial segments, the timepieces from Breguet have become a part of the daily lives for many people. With relentless innovation and eyes set on the future equipped with excellent tools and technology in the watch making business, the company has raised its flag in every direction.

The company has brought in several technologies in watch manufacturing. Worthy of admiration is the tourbillion mechanism, which is a gift to the watch industry by Abraham-Louis Breguet.  Today, many modern watches from this maker are creating a sensation among both men and women. These brands fall under the following category: Classique, Marine, and Heritage.


These wristwatches are for both men and women. They are extra-slim, better styled and come with manual wounding and automatic movements. They are a combination of clarity, precision and elegance. Lots of artistic work has gone into it, thus giving it a fabulous look. In addition, care is taken with the technical aspects, so that they are true to the traditional values that the company is known for.

These Classique timepieces have worked on the essence of the company’s features. Some of the models have the precious materials used in early times. The fire-enamel dials along with the Arabic numerals make them irresistible for lovers of Breuget Watches. The dials are white in colour with a golden coloured bezel.  The leather straps come in different colours, but the material is the same.


The Maine wristwatches have the best chronometer maker technology offered to the French Navy. The design is conceptualised keeping in mind usability, practicality, style and comfort. Wearers can be worry-free about its function and styling since these models are capable of meeting both of these aspects at the same time. An extra strength to the case and overall protection to the crown enables these watches to engage in any kind of action.


The coin-edge cases have been the common identification of the timepieces made by the company since its beginnings. However, the Heritage watches add new credentials and descriptions to the conventional ones. With the new curved shape of the watch, it is easily recognisable as a watch from Breuget.

The styling concept for the Heritage watches come from brands that were quite popular in the 18th century but with a slight modification to the shape to match with this current century. All kudos goes to the dial-makers, case makers and the design engineers.

Breuget Watches are excellent products that depict the true essence of the modern and conventional art of watch making. Constant innovation and tireless commitment to excellence have put Breguet ahead of time.

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