Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Buy IWC Watches Online

IWC was originally an American company that produced watches in Switzerland for the American market. The company moved to Schaffhausen in Switzerland in 1868. IWC made a name for itself in World War II by manufacturing intricate pilot’s watches and has long been regarded as one of the finest Swiss manufacturers of watches. IWC has continued to produce complicated and spectacular timepieces that have maintained as well as expanded their reputation. In the year 2000 IWC was purchased by Richemont and under this new management they are enjoying significant growth.

The overall look of IWC watches is clean and contemporary and the brand is also renowned for being very inventive. The first Diver’s watch, the Aquatimer, was created by IWC and this resulted in the Aquatimer being launched in 1967. The IWC diver’s watches are very popular timepieces for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and the Aquatimer collection includes: Aquatimer Automatic, Aquatimer Automatic Chronograph, Aquatimer Split Minute Chronograph and the titanium Aquatimer Automatic 2000 which is water resistant to 2000 meters.

The most popular collection of IWC watches is the Portuguese collections. The Portuguese line has superb appeal and flawless craftsmanship and they appeal to those people who a looking for a traditional watch with a modern twist. The Portuguese line has sophisticated Arabic dials as well as outstanding craftsmanship and enduring quality and all these features have cemented IWC’s Portuguese collection as the most talked about.

IWC also make pilot’s watches and the Pilot watch line include Big Pilot’s Watch, Pilot’s Watch Chronograph, Pilot’s Watch Mark XVI, Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph, Pilot’s Fliegerchronograph, Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph Edition TOP GUN and the Pilot’s watches for Father and Son Collection. There is little difference in style among IWC’s Pilot’s watches and the most differences appear in the watch’s size, weight and functions. The most complicated watch of the Pilot’s line is the Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph with a split second added to the chronograph function. At the other end of the scale is the IWC Mark XVI as this is the only non-chronograph of the Pilot’s collection. The Pilot’s collection comes a close second in the IWC most popular race.

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