Monday, 19 November 2012

IWC Watches

The International Watch Company (IWC) produces watches that are sought after the world over and the company’s philosophy is a passion for watch making as well as commitment to perfect craftsmanship.  IWC has been in the business of watch making for over 140 years and their watches are as popular as they were 140 years ago.

Florentine Aristo Jones had a dream of making watches in Switzerland and envisioned IWC watches in 1868.  Jones, originally from America, travelled to Switzerland and built a factory where he employed skilled watchmakers to manufacture IWC watches.  IWC is indebted to Jones’ vision as at the time it was unheard of to centralize watch production in one place.  Generally back then watches in Switzerland were made in people’s homes or in tiny shops.

IWC has always been committed to making luxurious timepieces and these timepieces are both elegant as well as timeless.  The stars of the IWC collection are the classic timepieces as well as being beautiful they are also functional watches and this is one of the reasons they are so highly sought after.  IWC watches also vary in design and the IWC watch collection includes diver’s watches, pilot’s watches and watches that have a nautical theme.  It is a well known fact that IWC watches are built to be withstand extreme conditions.

IWC watches are created to appeal to people from all walks of life and whether you are looking for beauty, precision, functional design or a long service life you are sure to find the perfect timepiece for you at IWC.

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