Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Style and diversity with Cartier watches

Louis Cartier met a famous Brazilian pilot, Alberto Santos Dumont, in 1904 and he found that the pilot was unable to depend on his pocket watch, especially during escape from mishaps or accidents. After hearing this Louis Cartier took on the task of creating men's watches in particular and thus the Cartier men's watch brand was born. One of the main things that has contributed to the success of Cartier watches is the passion that Louis Cartier had for watch making.

It is their sophisticated style and diversity that makes Cartier watches appeal to a wide variety of people starting with members of royal families, celebrities and ending with members of the public who sometimes save money for years to make the dream of owning a Cartier watch come true.  Cartier men's and women's watches are famous all over the world and the watches come in very stylized frames. The look of Cartier watches is exciting and their new designs have almost certainly brought in new consumers. The look of their collections is very diverse, but Cartier has learned that staying true to some of their older styles is also a smart business move.

Cartier Ballon Bleu watches are the newest addition to the already amazing Cartier family and even though they were only introduced four years ago, they are already a formidable presence for the iconic Cartier brand.  The Cartier Ballon Bleu watch is not just an ordinary round watch and you will see this if you look at it closely.  The dial-side and the case back are rounded which gives it the likeness of a pebble when you look at it in profile.  It is this “pebble” characteristic that makes the Ballon Bleu unique and distinct from Cartier’s other watches.  You may think that the shape of the watch may make it difficult to wear, but contrary to this the watch gives the appearance of magically floating just above your wrist and almost appears to orbit the wrist.

Cartier Ballon Bleu watches come in three different sizes for both men and women and every single stunning model incorporates solid gold into the timepiece.  There has been no stainless steel model produced.  Cartier Ballon Bleu watches can boast of accurate quartz as well as an incredibly sophisticated self winding automatic movement.  You can have your watch set with diamonds if you so choose and there are also a multitude of options when it comes to the watch itself.  

There is no argument that this is a very elegant timepiece and what makes it even more appealing to watch lovers is you can select a Cartier Ballon Bleu watch in the right combination of luxury to exactly match your preferences.

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