Monday, 19 November 2012

Making Luxury Timepieces with Omega Watches

Omega is a prestigious and distinguished brand and since 1848 Omega watches have been redefined continuously with the focus being kept on making luxury timepieces.  Omega’s philosophy is a focus on design, precision and innovation.  Omega watches are the most precise timepieces on the marker today.

Omega are pioneers in the watch making industry and they have participated in many historic moments such as creating watches that were designed for motorcycles where the watch was attached directly to the gas tank.  Amelia Earhart had Omega chronographs put on the plane that was part of her journey which made her the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic.  Omega created the first waterproof watches and also produced the first watch for the blind, which featured points that could be read with fingers.  Omega has also participated in timing Olympic sporting events in over 24 Olympic Games and they also designed the Speedmaster watch which was tested by NASA and went on to be the first watch on the moon.

Celebrities love Omega watches and Omega has a collection of luxury timepieces that are designed for both men and women.  Men will enjoy the sporty yet stylish designs that can be worn anywhere from the golf course to a formal dinner.  The women’s Omega watches are elegantly designed and are more like luxury jewellery than watches.  Famous celebrities that have been seen wearing and Omega watch are Nicole Kidman, Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe and Cindy Crawford, to name but a few and all of the these celebrities recognize that Omega watches are luxurious timepieces that brilliant and timeless designs.

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